Project 5.1.2

Information and knowledge management

Project summary

Knowledge is at the core of the AWRI’s operations, and therefore an effective Information and Knowledge Management (IKM) environment supports the AWRI’s core business. An effective IKM framework provides the ability to access meaningful, accurate and reliable data, information and knowledge, in a timely and efficient manner, and provides a basis for effective decision-making, thereby improving practices, reducing costs, and mitigating risks.

This project will provide a flexible and agile IKM environment, which supports innovation and excellence within the AWRI as an organisation, and for the individuals who operate within it. This will be achieved through harmonisation of existing IKM platforms and the information they contain; the adoption of emerging IKM technologies and solutions; improving access and collaboration capabilities; and the optimisation of business processes through the use of automated workflows. Packaged data and information will be made available to share with industry and research partners, via appropriate platforms.

Project Contact

Linda Bevin