Project 3.4.3

Mitigation of climate change impacts on the national wine industry by reduction in losses from controlled burns and wildfires and improvement in public land management

Project summary

This is a collaborative project with partners including Wine Australia, the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, Agriculture Victoria, La Trobe University, Wine Victoria and the AWRI. The AWRI’s role is to evaluate a range of possible remedial management options and processing tools for dealing with smoke-affected grapes and wine. This is especially important as smoke taint is known to develop during bottle ageing of wine through continued conversion of non-volatile glycosides from contaminated grapes into their free volatile forms. In addition, the AWRI is collaborating with Agriculture Victoria/La Trobe to evaluate vineyard-based monitoring, preventative and remedial management options for dealing with the variable composition of atmospheric smoke and associated risk of smoke taint in wine.

This project is supported by Wine Australia, through funding from the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources as part of its Rural R&D for Profit program and the Australian Wine Research Institute.