Project 3.3.4

Development of resources for the objective measurement of grape parameters to address ACCC recommendations

Project summary

The project will provide the following services in cooperation with industry and regulatory stakeholders:

  1. Formation of a working group to identify and guide the development of standardised methods for the assessment of grapes for wine production.
  2. Development and publication of a range of standardised methods, endorsed by industry and regulatory bodies, for the measurement of key parameters in grapes; for sampling in the vineyard, in the winery and at the weighbridge; and for validating secondary methods against the reference methods.
  3. Provision of training and tools to aid in the implementation of standardised methods and assist third parties mediating disputes to assess the validity of:
    • testing
    • sampling protocols
    • calibrations at facilities.

It is planned that draft methods and extension materials will be available for vintage 2021 with development and refinement to be undertaken over the next year, based on the experiences gained.

Project Contact

Neil Scrimgeour, Eric Wilkes