Project 4.4.1

Defining regional variability and uniqueness of premium Australian Shiraz

Project summary

This project is part of a collaborative study with Charles Sturt University (CSU). It will define sensory attributes of wines from multiple regions that contribute to distinctive regional character and will provide objective quality markers for both grapes and wine for future use in vineyard and winery assessment. This project will investigate carefully selected commercially produced wines from premium regions, initially targeting Shiraz, and study the variation in the wines’ sensory properties. Wines of specific criteria will be selected, ideally single vineyard wines, with a series of steps using rapid sensory methods with expert winemaker or similar panels, to both characterise the wines from each region and reduce the number of samples to a manageable number for further detailed sensory analysis.

The sensory attributes of the final wines will be quantified using sensory descriptive analysis. The associations of the sensory attributes with the concentrations of aroma compounds and non-volatile components will be determined. The study will allow definition of attributes which separate wines from the regions, and provide the basis for further investigations into the causes of these differences.

Project Contact

Leigh Francis