Project 2.1.3

Development of digital extension tools and software

Project summary

The AWRI currently provides a range of online databases and mobile apps to support Australian grape and wine producers. The uptake of these technologies is high and the demand for technology to improve productivity or promote efficient processes will continue to increase. This project ensures there is a planned and coordinated approach to the development, delivery and maintenance of innovative and collaborative digital tools.

Latest information

Agrochemical and MRL database platforms
The agrochemical and MRL databases form the core capability behind the ‘Dog book’, agrochemical and MRL online search functions and agrochemical mobile apps. Redevelopment of the agrochemical and MRL database platforms was completed during the year with a new cloud-based data administration portal and search portal. The agrochemical mobile app also underwent a major upgrade with a new MRL search function added.

Redevelopment of winemaking calculator app
The winemaking calculators app is one of the AWRI’s most popular tools. It helps winemakers conduct a range of calculations needed during wine production, including conversions, additions and label requirements. A refreshed version of the winemaking calculators app was launched during the year. The updated app includes a new total package oxygen calculator and an improved fining trial calculator.