Project 2.1.3

Development of digital extension tools and software

Project summary

The AWRI provides a range of digital tools such as online databases and mobile apps to support the efficient delivery of services used by Australian grape and wine producers. The uptake of these technologies is high and the demand for technology to improve productivity or promote efficient processes will continue to increase. A number of key development outputs have been delivered by the AWRI through digital platforms, some of which have been made commercially available on the AWRI Wine Cloud and the wine show software ShowRunner. This project ensures there is a planned and coordinated approach to the development, delivery and ongoing maintenance of innovative and collaborative digital tools. It also identifies opportunities to leverage the AWRI’s digital platforms and capabilities to build solutions beyond the wine sector.

Latest information

Agrochemical and MRL database platforms
The Agrochemical and MRL databases form the core capability behind the ‘Dog book’, agrochemical and MRL online search functions and agrochemical mobile apps. Redevelopment of the agrochemical and MRL database platforms commenced in 2019 with a new cloud-based data administration portal and search portal now in the final stages of user acceptance testing. The agrochemical mobile app also underwent a major upgrade with a new MRL search function added. The app and portal will be released in 2020/2021.

Table grapes MRL app
The AWRI has a long-standing partnership with the Australian Table Grapes Association (ATGA), having developed the Table Grapes MRL Search Portal in 2012 and supported it since then. In October 2019, the AWRI launched a new Table Grapes MRL app, which was the first MRL mobile app to be released among horticultural industries across Australia. Feedback from both the ATGA and industry users has been very positive and other horticultural industry bodies have signalled their interest in similar MRL apps for their producers.

Query investigation system
A project exploring the development of an online helpdesk platform commenced in 2019/2020, with the goal of replacing the current MySQL database and providing more efficient and flexible functionality for users. The current system is accessed by more than 35 AWRI staff and used to capture queries received across the organisation.

Redevelopment of winemaking calculator app
The design phase has commenced for the redevelopment of the AWRI winemaking calculator app. Using a single set of source code to generate apps for iOS and Android, the new app will include the current suite of winemaking calculators as well as the total package oxygen calculator. The apps will be available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play by December 2020.