The WineCloud

The AWRI WineCloud will be decommissioned on 30 June 2023.

Marama Labs, based in New Zealand, has secured the rights to the algorithms used to generate the colour, phenolic and tannin data in the WineCloud, as well as its extensive grape and wine database.  These will be built into Marama Labs CloudSpec platform, which will be accessible by users who wish to continue to use the WineCloud technology.

For existing WineCloud users who wish to have continuing access to their data and the capability to generate tannin data, please contact MaramaLabs directly via or  +64 22 086 4215 .

For users who wish to extract a copy of their data before the decommissioning date, please contact Neil Scrimgeour at

The Ferment Simulator will continue to be available beyond the decommissioning of the WineCloud from: This tool allows users to predict ferment outcomes using basic temperature and baume data. Powerful algorithms also allow users to model the impacts of temperature, nutrients, mixing and re-inoculation and to respond to problematic ferments quickly during vintage. Access to the Ferment Simulator is free. More information about the Ferment Simulator is available here.