Project 5.2.3

WIC Winemaking

Project summary

This project enables the AWRI, together with its joint venture partner the University of Adelaide, to offer a specialist small-lot winemaking service with a primary target market of the research community and a secondary focus on commercial clients. The service provides research organisations with the ability to outsource all their winemaking needs both during and outside vintage.

Latest information

2018 vintage
WIC Winemaking Services processed 392 (6-150 kg) ferments during the 2018 vintage. A further 72 ferments will be conducted using frozen fruit or juice between July and October 2018. The 2018 vintage commenced in late January, with the majority of fruit received between mid-February and late March. The last ferments, other than two extended maceration trials, were pressed on 30 April, four weeks earlier than 2017. The busiest week was mid-March, with approximately 100 batches of grapes processed and more than 220 active ferments. Grapes were sourced from all South Australian regions.

During the year, further investments in new stainless steel storage vessels increased the flexibility and capability of the services offered, allowing WIC Winemaking to secure a new client with regional-specific ferments planned for the next three to five years. An upgraded screw capper improved the consistency of closure application during bottling.

Project Team

John Gledhill

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