Project 5.1.1

Efficient administration

Project summary

This project underpins and enables the AWRI’s research, development, extension, and commercial activities through the leadership and essential services provided by the Corporate Services group. The group works closely with the AWRI Board to provide an appropriate mix of strategic, commercial, and scientific leadership, guidance and support to all AWRI staff.

Project personnel are highly experienced and possess a strong track record of delivery within their respective functions. This is demonstrated by factors including the steady growth in the scope of the AWRI’s activities, the enduring high level of support for the AWRI among its stakeholders, and a positive internal culture. A focus for many years on achieving operating efficiencies, reducing the organisational cost base (including achieving concessional status where available), and prudent financial management, has positioned the AWRI as a low-cost and efficient service provider on a sound financial footing. Future Corporate Services activities will continue to pursue such objectives.

Through the continued adoption and application of ‘best practice’ principles as they apply to the scope of the AWRI’s management and administration activities, essential support services will be efficiently and effectively delivered on an ongoing basis. These encompass leadership and administration, business development, contract management, finance and accounting, human resources, information technology, operations management and risk management (including work health and safety).

Project Contact

Chris Day