Project 1.3.1

Supporting market access, safety and regulation

Project summary

The Australian wine industry needs to be proactive, and to anticipate, facilitate and influence changes to regulations relating to wine composition, production, labelling and marketing. This project involves AWRI staff regularly attending and actively participating in Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin (OIV), FIVS, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Regulatory Forum, International Wine Technical Summit (IWTS), World Wine Trade Group (WWTG) and Oenoviti meetings, and working with these organisations to provide scientific and technical advice and assistance on relevant issues. This includes actively serving on key boards, committees and working groups.

This project will also disseminate to stakeholders (including governments, industry, journalists and the general public) accurate, appropriate and timely technical information to inform industry policy positions. Position and supporting papers and materials will be produced and advice and assistance provided. Examples include the preparation of scientific and technical submissions to governments, and allied government and industry organisations on industry-relevant issues to facilitate evidence-based and informed decision-making by the wine industry, regulators, policy makers and consumers. Content and resources will contribute to the development of industry advice, publications and presentations, which will support the AWRI helpdesk, and provide content for the AWRI website.

Support will also be provided to the work of the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR), Wine Australia (WA), Winemakers’ Federation of Australia (WFA), and Australian Vignerons (AV) in establishing robust scientifically and technically sound regulatory frameworks in emerging markets. Stakeholders will be provided with information drawn from a repository of readily accessible, accurate scientific and technical information, and recommendations on the making and selling of wine, both nationally and internationally. The success of this project depends on using expertise from various scientific/technical disciplines within the AWRI.

This project incorporates the AWRI portion of the multi-agency Australian Wine Sector Market Access Project 2017-2019, excluding the agrochemicals component, which is covered by Project 1.5.1.

Project Contacts

Markus Herderich
Creina Stockley
Eric Wilkes

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