Project 1.4.1

Enhancing the reputation of Australian wine through market promotion activities

Project summary

When compared to international competitors, the strength of the Australian wine sector’s research, innovative practices and technical education is a source of competitive advantage. This project will supplement Wine Australia’s market development strategy by providing targeted technical content that is designed to inform and educate influencers, opinion leaders and educators in trade, media and consumers. An engaging message will create opportunities to promote the innovation dimension of Australian wine.

The AWRI will support Wine Australia via a number of activities to be scheduled domestically and internationally. The level of support will be wide-ranging and will include hosting visits to the AWRI, delivering presentations for in-market visitors, and presenting themed tastings, masterclasses and educational activities at exhibitions.

This project will illustrate the benefits of the AWRI’s and Australia’s RDE activities to the broader wine community and contribute to the sharing of engaging stories about Australian wine.

Latest information

Market promotion activities
Presentations were delivered at events in Australia, Austria, Germany and the United Kingdom. A one-day wine judging course for 16 Institute of Masters of Wine students was presented in Adelaide in November 2018. The Aroma Wall was presented in London in January 2019.

Project contact

Con Simos