Project 2.2.2

Library services

Project summary

The John Fornachon Memorial Library develops and maintains a major collection of historical, current and relevant print and digital resources, and offers a range of information discovery tools and services to all stakeholders. The objective is to ensure that all involved in the Australian grape and wine sector have timely access to published technical and scientific information to support learning, understanding, and the adoption of research outcomes.

This project builds and manages the library collection through strategic sourcing of new materials, managing copyright compliance requirements, cataloguing materials into the library databases, and preserving materials to ensure continued access over time. It will continue to seek innovative ways to deliver technical and scientific content, and facilitate the use of that information and knowledge, through the use of digital technologies.

Latest information

eBook collection
The library’s eBook collection is steadily growing with nearly 200 titles now available across two platforms. Users are displaying increasing familiarity with the medium, justifying the library’s strategic decision to invest strongly in electronic resources including eBooks.

Staff publications database
The staff publications database, accessible via the AWRI website, received nearly 6,000 hits, resulting in 889 staff publications requested and delivered. This collection holds almost 2,200 AWRI-authored items. A number of these publications are offered via open access where licensing allows.

Online information packs
Online information packs are reference lists with a specific topic focus and provide growers and winemakers with seamless access to highly curated and relevant information. During the year, 15 new information packs were created on topics complementing those presented at AWRI webinars. The library received nearly 200 requests stemming from webinar-related information packs, and in total delivered 1,058 articles from information packs, nearly twice the number delivered in the previous year.

Library reference and information requests
The library responded to a total of 1,085 reference and information requests, resulting in supply of 2,513 articles (Table 1), a 30% increase compared to the previous year. More than 90% of requests were completed within a single business day and more than 90% were received via the AWRI website or other electronic means. Library staff also performed 41 specialised literature searches on a variety of topics across winemaking, vineyard management, winery operations and pest management.