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Vilma Hysenaj

Position: Research Scientist

BSc, M (Pharm Chem), PhD (Food Chem) University of Genova, Italy

Email: [please enable JavaScript to view email address]
Phone: 08 8313 6600
Since: 3 November 2014

Publication in Food Chemistry, Volume 140, Issue 4, 2013, Pages 607-614 “A screening method based on UV-Visible spectroscopy and multivariate analysis to assess addition of filler juices and water to pomegranate juices” R. Boggia, MC. Casolino, V. Hysenaj, P. Oliveri, P. Zunin Publication in Talanta, The International Journal of Pure and Applied Analytical Chemistry, Volume 119, 2014, Pages 60–67 “Direct GC-(EI)MS determination of fatty acid alkyl esters in olive oils.” R. Boggia , C. Borgogni , V. Hysenaj , R. Leardi , P. Zunin Collaboration in a book chapter: Dehydration of basil leaves and impact of processing composition. In: Preedy V.R. (ed.) Processing and impact on active components in food. Elsevier publication. R. Boggia, P.Zunin, V. Hysenaj, Aldo Bottino, Antonio Comite