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Yevgeniya Grebneva

Position: Scientist

MSc Food Chemistry (Staatsexamen, University of Dresden), TU Dresden, Germany

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Phone: 0883136600
Fax: 0883136601
Since: 12/12/2016

Understanding yeast impact on TDN formation in Riesling wine through a formation pathway informed hydrolytic assay. Grebneva, Y. D.; Bellon, J.; Herderich, M. J.; Rauhut, D.; Stoll, M.; Hixson, J. L.
Shedding light on the modulation of key Riesling wine aroma compounds in a changing climate. Hixson, J. L.; Grebneva, Y. D.; Glameyer, N.; Vollmer, K.; Black, C.; Krstic, M.; Herderich, M. J.