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Josh Hixson

Position: Research Scientist

BTech, BSc(Hons) Flinders University, PhD University of Adelaide

Email: [please enable JavaScript to view email address]
Phone: 08 83136600
Fax: 08 83136601
Since: 8 October 2012

Understanding the composition of winery waste products, and exploiting these waste products in suppression of methane emissions from ruminant livestock. Current focus is on residual tannin from grape marc and the role that variable tannin chemistry has on dairy cow digestion and methane production.


Hixson, J. L., Sleep, N., Capone, D. L., Elsey, G. M., Curtin, C., Sefton, M. A., and Taylor, D. K. (2012) Hydroxycinnamic Acid Ethyl Esters as Precursors to Ethylphenols in Wine. J. Agric. Food Chem. 60: 2293-2298. 

Hixson, J. L., Curtin, C. D., Sefton, M. A., and Taylor, D. K., Stereospecificity of D. bruxellensis in the production of ethylphenol off-flavour in wine, in Proceedings from XIII Weurman Flavour Research Symposium, V. Ferreira and R. Lopez, Editors. 2013, Academic Press. p. pp. 183-187; 2014.