From Vine to Mind: following wine from vineyard to taster

Date(s) - 15 Aug 2019
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Gilbert Suite, Adelaide Convention Centre
North Terrace
Adelaide SA

From the discovery of microbial fermentation leading to the germ theory of disease and practical solutions such as pasteurisation, wine has been a hotbed of scientific innovation since the time of Louis Pasteur. Continuing in this tradition, scientists from The Australian Wine Research Institute in Adelaide have been studying this complex beverage for over 60 years.

Guests at this event will follow wine production from the vineyard to the mind of the taster during an intimate and informative evening of masterclasses and Q&A sessions, hosted by expert research scientists. Participants will explore a variety of scientific disciplines from horticulture to neuroscience, with many stops in-between. Tangible examples of recent research outcomes will be demonstrated through tutored tastings of both research and commercial wines paired with light food.

The science behind the wines will include demonstrations from:

  • Horticulture – viticultural impacts on wine flavour
  • Microbiology – yeast-derived tastes and flavours
  • Oenology – winemaking techniques
  • Chemistry – wine ageing effects due to corks and other closures
  • Sensory science and neuroscience – how we perceive and measure wine flavour, exploring the human sensory experience

Price: $25 per person *must be 18 years or older

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