Management of eutypa dieback in grapevines webinar

Date(s) - 17 Sep 2013
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM


Your office.


Mark Sosnowski (South Australian Research & Development Institute)


The grapevine trunk disease, eutypa dieback, causes yield reduction, vine decline and eventual death of grapevines. Australian vineyards are increasingly affected by trunk diseases which threaten the sustainability of our $8.3 billion wine industry. The Eutypa lata fungus infects vines primarily through pruning wounds and colonises wood, causing dieback and death of wood and stunting of shoots and leaves. Disease symptoms will be presented along with variability due to cultivar and vine age. Management of eutypa dieback relies on prevention of pruning wound infection and removal of infected wood tissue. Practical strategies will be demonstrated to efficiently apply pruning wound protectants to vines following pruning and use remedial surgery for effective control of the disease.


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