Avoca seminar – August 2013

Seminar program (Click here to access the presentations)

  • Welcome (Mark Krstic, AWRI)
  • Did you know that DAP can strongly affect the flavour profile and style of wine (Paul Henschke, AWRI)
  • Practical Management of ‘Brett in the winery (Eric Wilkes, AWRI)
  • VESDA – The new risk assessment tool for smoke taint (Ricky James, DEPI Victoria)
  • Strategies for a successful MLF (Eveline Bartowsky, AWRI)
  • Causes and management of slow and stuck fermentations (Paul Henschke, AWRI)
  • Rotten egg, cabbage and rubber: compounds responsible for reductive off-flavours in wines (Leigh Francis, AWRI)
  • Saving time and money: automated methods for juice and wine analysis (Eric Wilkes, AWRI)
  • Using MLF to accentuate wine aroma and flavour (Eveline Bartowsky, AWRI)
  • Features of the AWRI website and close (Mark Krstic, AWRI)