Clare Seminar – September 2013

Seminar program (Click here to access the presentations)

  • Welcome and introduction (Con Simos, AWRI)
  • Terroir – separating fact from fiction (Peter Dry, AWRI)
  • Does soil and vine nutrient status affect wine quality? (Marcel Essling, AWRI)
  • It’s getting hotter – what does this mean for our vineyard management strategies? (Peter Dry, AWRI)
  • Tannin from grape to wine: new insights on a complex system (Keren Bindon, AWRI)
  • Managing stuck fermentations and rescue procedures (Paul Henschke, AWRI)
  • Interactive session (Con Simos, AWRI)
  • Using the timing of MLF inoculation to optimise your winemaking (Peter Costello, AWRI)
  • Health, nutrition and other warning labels (Creina Stockley, AWRI)
  • The origin of eucalyptol and minty flavor in red wines (Dimitra Capone, AWRI)
  • Features of the AWRI website and close (Con Simos, AWRI)