Geelong Seminar – September 2014

Workshop program (Click here to access the presentations)

  • How can irrigation management strategies be used to manipulate wine quality (Mark Krstic)
  • Salt Management in vineyards (Marcel Essling)
  • It’s getting hotter- what does this mean for vineyard management strategies? (Mark Krstic)
  • Knowing your soil health (Ian Porter)
  • Managing phenolic quality in the vineyard (Keren Bindon)
  • Winemaking with non-conventional & hybrid yeast (Chris Curtin)
  • Did you know that DAP can strongly affect the flavour profile and style of wine? (Chris Curtin)
  • What options do you have in cold stabilising your wine (Con Simos)
  • Features of the AWRI website and close (Con Simos)