Limestone Coast seminar – February 2014

Seminar program (Click here to access the presentations)

  • It’s getting hotter – what does this mean for our vineyard management strategies? (Peter Dry)
  • Importance of sampling for quality parameters in the vineyard (Mark Krstic)
  • Terroir – separating fact from fiction (Peter Dry)
  • Berry sensory assessment in the vineyard for fruit grading – does it work? (Mark Krstic)
  • How can cultural practices be used to improve fruitset? (Peter Dry)
  • Complex yeast nutrients – how do they fit into your fermentation management strategy? (Chris Curtin)
  • Strategies for a successful MLF (Eveline Bartowsky)
  • Health, nutrition and other warning labels (Creina Stockley)
  • Features of the AWRI website and close (Con Simos)