Margaret River Seminar – October 2014

Seminar program (Click here to access the presentations)

  • It’s getting hotter – what does this mean for our vineyard management strategies? (Marcel Essling)
  • The origins of eucalyptol and minty flavours in red wine (Leigh Francis)
  • Why do bunches get hot – and what does this mean for wine quality? (Marcel Essling)
  • The changing wine style of the ripening grape (Keren Bindon)
  • Winemaking with non-conventional and hybrid yeast (Paul Henschke)
  • Interactive session (Con Simos)
  • Influence of climate and variety on the effectiveness of cold maceration (Richard Fennessy)
  • Predicting wine tannin and colour in the vineyard (Keren Bindon)
  • Thinking outside the bottle. Insights on how Chinese consumers choose wine (Leigh Francis)