Rutherglen seminar – August 2013

Seminar Program (Click here to access the presentations)

  • Welcome (Mark Krstic, AWRI)
  • Why do varieties respond differently to drought and heat stress (Mark Krstic, AWRI)
  • Practical strategies for reducing alcohol levels in wine (Paul Henschke, AWRI)
  • Vine Balance – how does it affect yield and quality? (Mark Krstic, AWRI)
  • VESDA – The new risk assessment tool for smoke taint (Ricky James, DEPI Victoria)
  • Increasing red and white wine complexity with AWRI’s Bayanus yeast (Paul Henschke, AWRI)
  • Pepper and spice in Shiraz: what influences rotundone levels in wine? (Leigh Francis, AWRI)
  • Energy for the future: moving towards on site renewable biomass and solar technology. (Richard Muhlack, AWRI)
  • Choose the right yeast to achieve the red wine style you want (Paul Henschke, AWRI)
  • Features of the AWRI website and close (Mark Krstic, AWRI)