AWRI 2012 Webinar Series

2012 AWRI Webinar series

Webinar is an interactive tool enabling you to participate in a live seminar from your desk using a computer with Internet access.

The AWRI’s webinars cover a range of winemaking, winery management, viticulture, and wine and health topics. Each webinar consists of a presentation followed by a Q&A session and is held on a Tuesday or Thursday at 11:30am Australia Central Daylight Time (Adelaide, GMT+9:30).

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Presentation: Vineyard characteristics used in assessment schemes: theory and practice
Presenter: Peter Dry
Date: 21/08/2012

Presentation: Effective oxygen management at bottling
Presenter: Warren Roget
Date: 23/08/2012

Presentation: Winemaking with non-conventional yeast
Presenter: Jenny Bellon
Date: 28/08/2012

Presentation: How can irrigation management strategies be used to manipulate wine quality?
Presenter: Marcel Essling
Date: 4/09/2012

Presentation: Protein haze in white wines: new solutions to an old problem
Presenter: Matteo Marangon
Date: 11/09/2012

Presentation: Practical management of ‘Brett’ in the winery
Presenter: Chris Curtin
Date: 20/09/2012

Presentation: Harmonising maximum residue limits in agrochemicals: Phosphorous acid and beyond
Presenter: Tony Battaglene (Winemakers’ Federation of Australia)
Date: 25/09/2012

Presentation: Cold Stability, how to manage and measure it
Presenter: Eric Wilkes
Date: 4/10/2012

Presentation: Tips for successful wine exporting
Presenter: Steve Guy (Wine Australia)
Date: 9/10/2012

Presentation: Putting the texture back into white wine – the role of white wine phenolics
Presenter: Richard Gawel
Date: 16/10/2012

Presentation: Crafting diverse wine styles through an understanding of how grape composition affects wine composition
Presenter: Paul Smith
Date: 23/10/2012

Presentation: The Pinot G Style Spectrum; a novel tool to communicate wine style to consumers
Presenter: Peter Godden
Date: 30/10/2012

Presentation: Making better wine for health
Presenter: Creina Stockley
Date: 6/11/2012

Presentation: Winemaking at low pH: avoiding stuck fermentations in whites and sparkling wines
Presenter: Simon Schmidt
Date: 13/11/2012

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For further information or to register, please visit our website at https://www.awri.com.au/industry_support/courses-seminars-workshops/webinars/.

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After registration, you will receive a confirmation email with details on how to join the session.

System requirements
You will need a computer with Internet connection and audio is connected via your computer’s microphone and speakers (Voice over IP – VOIP). A headset is highly recommended. You can also access the audio via a toll free number.