Vineyard and winery practices report

The AWRI is pleased to release a major report of practices used in Australian grapegrowing and winemaking.

Based on an online survey conducted in 2016 and comprehensive follow-up visits and communications, the report provides detailed information on the viticulture and winemaking practices in-use in Australia’s grape and wine community.

On the vineyard side, the report covers practices across vineyard layout, pruning, pest and disease management, canopy management, irrigation, nutrition, vineyard floor management and harvesting. For wineries, it covers grape intake and handling, draining and pressing, juice processing, alcoholic and malolactic fermentation, maturation, fining, filtration and packaging.

The full survey report is available now for download from the AWRI website.

The information presented will allow grapegrowers and winemakers to compare their practices with national and regional results and also provides a valuable resource for grape and wine research, development and extension activities.

The report serves as a highly detailed ‘snapshot in time’ of practices in Australian viticulture and winemaking. It is intended that the survey will be repeated every five or six years, to allow the adoption of new techniques to be tracked. The next edition will likely be performed in 2022.

For more information, contact Simon Nordestgaard on helpdesk@awri.com.au or 08 8313 6600.