Agrochemical Updates

Agrochemical update July 2007

Carbendazim label suspensions

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) has suspended label approvals for products containing the active constituent carbendazim. This includes products containing carbendazim that are registered for use in viticulture (e.g. Bavistin FL, Boomer, Carbendazim 500, Carbendazim 500 SC, Carbendazim 500 WP, Carbendon SC, Goldazim 500 SC, Howzat SC and Spin Flo).

The reason for the suspension is that instructions on currently approved labels for carbendazim products may no longer be adequate. They do not contain instructions advising of the potential birth defect risks for pregnant women and women of childbearing age who may come into contact with carbendazim products.

Products containing carbendazim are still registered for use in viticulture. However, they can only be used if a copy of additional APVMA instructions are securely affixed to the container. These new instructions provide information on worker safety and issues the warning Contains carbendazim which causes birth defects in laboratory animals. Women of childbearing age should avoid contact with carbendazim.

You will find a copy of the new label instructions that must be affixed to any carbendazim product at the APVMA chemical review program web site. See June – Carbendazim label suspensions.

This information is provided to inform the wine industry of agrochemical product information, and should not be interpreted as an endorsement.