Project 1.1.3

Improving the environmental and economic performance of the Australian wine supply chain

Project summary

The sustainability and environmental performance of products are under increasing public scrutiny. Working with partners throughout the supply chain, this project will analyse the environmental performance of Australian wine production. The project will highlight the impact of different stages of the supply chain and identify opportunities to improve environmental and economic performance. The AWRI will continue its membership of The Sustainability Consortium, an organisation tasked with developing international standards and methods to better represent product sustainability, allowing the AWRI to participate in the development of international benchmarks and communicate that information to the Australian wine industry. This project will assist the Australian wine industry to communicate its environmental credentials to customers and consumers and seek to form partnerships with retailers on metrics other than price. The project will seek to address issues of particular relevance to Australian wine production, such as the environmental footprint of glass manufacturing and recycling, and how this could be addressed.

Project Team

Simon Nordestgaard
Josh Hixon
Tadro Abbott