Project 3.4.4

Identifying cost reduction opportunities by mapping the grape and wine value stream

Project summary

As part of its mission to support the profitability of the Australian wine sector, the AWRI, together with the South Australian Government’s Department of State Development, the McLaren Vale Grape Wine & Tourism Association and Scholle Packaging, established a design thinking program to showcase the development of business initiatives that engage consumers on attributes other than price. One of the business concepts, the VALO program, was then selected to progress through to a tangible outcome.

Latest information

The VALO program is centred on the creation of an iconic wine from the McLaren Vale region. The wine will be made from a selection of the best barrels from vintage 2014, packaged in a three-litre glass amphora designed by celebrated Australian artist Nick Mount and closed with an innovative magnetic seal. A series of immersive and exclusive wine experiences will be created that are closely associated with the crafting of the VALO wine. The overall intent of the VALO program is to build regional brand equity for McLaren Vale.

Project Team

Vince O’Brien

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