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Wine Innovation Cluster winemaking service

Project summary

WIC Winemaking Services is based at the Hickinbotham-Roseworthy Wine Science Laboratory, and is a joint venture between the AWRI and the University of Adelaide established in 2010. Its location within the University of Adelaide’s purpose-built small-lot and pilot-scale winemaking facility enables the delivery of high quality research and small-scale commercial winemaking services.

Latest information

Vintage 2016
WIC Winemaking Services processed a total of 420 (20-1,000 kg) ferments during the 2016 vintage. Grapes were sourced from many South Australian wine regions as well as from Victoria and Western Australia. A further 20-30 ferments will be conducted on fruit and juice that was collected and frozen during vintage. The vintage coincided with the largest ever intake of University of Adelaide winemaking students which meant the winery building was very busy and there were some limitations of capacity and equipment. Some new storage vessels and a small batch crossflow filtration system have been acquired that will increase the flexibility and capability of the services offered.

A new five-year agreement was successfully negotiated with the University of Adelaide to continue WIC Winemaking Services. WIC Winemaking customers include all of the WIC partners, industry research bodies and commercial wine companies.

Project Team

Con Simos
John Gledhill

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