Early bird discount for red wine closure trial closing Friday

Be part of a new international closure benchmarking trial, run by the AWRI, testing the impact of closure technologies on a premium red wine. Make sure you dont miss out on the early bird rates by confirming your commitment by 27 August.

These innovative and collaborative trials are set to provide the definitive performance data that will help wineries to understand how closure performance can be managed to tailor the quality and style of wine products. Many wineries understand the significant impact closures can have on their wine quality and consequently invest significant resources in wine, labour and bottling line time for in house testing of closure trials. The AWRI now offers wineries the option of participating in our market survey-style red wine closure trial and obtaining strictly independent, technically robust and credible results for 10 popular closure technologies.

This major red wine closure trial will also provide participants with a cost-effective way of obtaining valuable insight into how closure oxygen transmission rate (OTR) drives chemical and sensory development and influences the consumer preferences for a premium Shiraz varietal.

For further information, contact our Commercial Services team.