Tannin and phenolic measurement moves into the cloud

The AWRI have extended the revolutionary Tannin Portal to bring you the WineCloudTM. This web-based tool allows grape and wine producers to upload, analyse and benchmark data in a secure online environment.

The WineCloudTM can be used to monitor grape maturity, track active ferments and follow wines as they age, to achieve specific target profiles. A key feature of the WineCloudTM is that producers can use their own equipment to measure colour, phenolics and tannins in red grapes, ferments and wines. Users now have the ability to understand the potential of their grapes and wine and to benchmark them against others from around the world. It also helps winemakers to better understand the impact of different processes and make informed decisions in real time.

More information is available via the AWRI website. To register, please visit http://www.thewinecloud.com.au.