Technical Review August 2018 issue available online

The August 2018 issue of Technical Review is now available online. Articles and abstracts can be viewed individually, or the full issue can be downloaded. The online format of Technical Review allows you to browse the list of the latest articles on grape and wine production by keyword, view article summaries and order journal articles from the AWRI Library.

For copyright reasons, access to abstracts is available only to Australian winemakers and grapegrowers who pay the Wine Grapes or Grape Research levies. The technical notes authored by the AWRI are, however, freely available. If you have forgotten your password for the AWRI website, please use the forgotten password link to reset your password.

Below is a snapshot of what's in this issue:

AWRI Technical Notes
AWRI publications
  • Ask the AWRI: brown marmorated stink bug
  • Brettanomyces yeasts still have potential to give wine producers a headache
  • Hyperspectral imaging of Botrytis in grapes
  • Novel wine yeast with ARO4 and TYR1 mutations that overproduce ‘floral’ aroma compounds 2-phenylethanol and 2-phenylethyl acetate
  • Ask the AWRI: understanding whole-bunch fermentation
  • Late pruning impacts on chemical and sensory attributes of Shiraz wine
  • Exploring links between sustainability and business resilience
Current literature – oenology
  • Managing green flavors in the winery: sorting, clarification and heat treatments are among the most successful options
  • The art of oak, revisited: the toasting process and extraction techniques are the keys to using oak alternatives for quality wine
  • Nitrogen requirements of non-Saccharomyces yeast: impact on primary fermentation and aroma profile
  • Making natural sparkling wines with non-Saccharomyces yeasts
  • Evolving approaches to the development of sulfur compounds after bottling
  • Development of smoke taint in wine during bottle ageing
  • Grape-derived fruity volatile thiols: adjusting Sauvignon Blanc aroma and flavor complexity
  • What does your wine label mean to consumers? A semiotic investigation of Bordeaux wine visual codes
Current literature – viticulture
  • Root temperature regulated frost damage in leaves of the grapevine Vitis vinifera L.
  • Spatial analysis of frost risk to determine viticulture suitability in Tasmania, Australia
  • Efficacy of steam and hot water disinfestation treatments against genetically diverse strains of grape phylloxera Daktulosphaira vitifoliae Fitch (Hemiptera: Phylloxeridae) on viticulture equipment and machinery
  • Australia prepared for the exotic grapevine disease angular leaf scorch
  • Further evaluation of disease-resistant scion selections in NSW wine regions
  • Optimising management strategies for grapevine trunk diseases