Technical Review – Technical Notes

Technical Review February 2024 – Technical Notes
Revisiting BevScan applications for the wine industry

Technical Review November 2023 – Technical Notes
Typical values for fats, proteins and salt in Australian wine for nutritional labelling

Technical Review June 2023 – Technical Notes
Understanding consumers’ perceptions of smoke-affected wines

Technical Review April 2023 – Technical Notes
Update on the AWRI’s smoke ‘background levels database’

Technical Review February 2023 – Technical Notes
Options for detecting Brettanomyces in wine

Technical Review December 2022 – Technical Notes
Ensuring accurate analysis of ethanol in no- and low-alcohol wines

Technical Review October 2022 – Technical Notes
First steps in understanding the formation and preservation of ‘struck flint’ aroma in wine

Technical Review August 2022 – Technical Notes
Improving the accuracy of yield estimates

Technical Review June 2022 – Technical Notes
The flavour hiding in different marc varieties
What happens when you aerate a wild Chardonnay ferment?

Technical Review April 2022 – Technical Notes
Comparison of common methods for measuring alcohol in wine
From product to purpose: creating value from flavour glycosides

Technical Review February 2022 – Technical Notes
Understanding the variability of different sampling/extraction techniques used in grape assessments at the winery

Technical Review December 2021 – Technical Notes
Controlling undervine couch and kikuyu in vineyards without herbicides

Technical Review October 2021 – Technical Notes
Style-based energy content categories in Australian wine
Understanding the variability of juice extraction methods for quality analysis

Technical Review August 2021 – Technical Notes
Impact of wine components on energy label calculations

Technical Review June 2021 – Technical Notes
Smoke taint decision-making: simple steps for reliable sensory testing
The effects of fermentation temperature on the composition of red wines

Technical Review April 2021 – Technical Notes
How the identification of wine microorganisms has evolved within the AWRI Wine Microorganism Culture Collection
A preliminary study on the changes to dissolved CO2 in bottled white wine following pouring and during consumption – implications for winemakers

Technical Review February 2021 – Technical Notes
Stop and smell the roses: novel yeast that impart ‘floral’ aromas in wine

Technical Review December 2020 – Technical Notes
Understanding the effects of lees contact in white wine

Technical Review October 2020 – Technical Notes
Summary of AWRI closure trials and other investigations into closure performance

Technical Review August 2020 – Technical Notes
Sustainable Winegrowing Australia – how is the program supporting producers to improve and demonstrate their sustainability?

Technical Review June 2020 – Technical Notes
There’s something about glutathione
Pre fermentation skin contact: how white wine composition and sensory characters are changed by leaving juice in contact with grape skins and seeds prior to fermentation

Technical Review April 2020 – Technical Notes
How good is the grape and wine community at identifying wine taints and faults?

Technical Review February 2020 – Technical Notes
Grapevine Virus A and Shiraz Disease – What do Australian growers need to know?

Technical Review December 2019 – Technical Notes
Removing metals from wine using PVI/PVP
Do varietal thiols matter in red wine?

Technical Review October 2019 – Technical Notes
Effect of juice heating on the sensory profile of wines

Technical Review August 2019 – Technical Notes
Case study: development of Saccharomyces cerevisiae × Saccharomyces mikatae wine yeast hybrids and their potential to deliver alternative wine styles

Technical Review June 2019 – Technical Notes
Boosting floral aroma of wine with aromaless grape marc extracts
Sooty mould trial update – sensory testing after two years

Technical Review April 2019 – Technical Notes
Saignée – do the benefits outweigh the costs?

Technical Review February 2019 – Technical Notes
Exploring the effects of extended post-fermentation maceration
Sustainability snapshot

Technical Review December 2018 – Technical Notes
Analysing spray diaries to understand powdery mildew control in Australian viticulture
Further understanding of bentonite’s impact on metals in wine

Technical Review October 2018 – Technical Notes
Yeast strain selection – an easy and effective way to drive wine style in Grenache
A snapshot of SO2 concentrations in Australian wines

Technical Review August 2018 – Technical Notes
Energy audit case study – progressive winery goes even further
A new heat test for more accurate prediction of bentonite additions to avoid protein haze

Technical Review June 2018 – Technical Notes
Smoke taint: analysis and interpretation
Spotlight on whole-bunch fermentation

Technical Review April 2018 – Technical Notes
Metals in Australian wine
Seeing through the crystal ball: predicting the chemistry of ageing wine

Technical Review February 2018 – Technical Notes
How much do potential precursor compounds contribute to ‘reductive’ aromas in wines post-bottling?

Technical Review December 2017 – Technical Notes
A new validated method for the determination of free and total sulfur dioxide using a discrete analyser
The AWRI Wine Microorganism Culture Collection

Technical Review October 2017 – Technical Notes
Tooth care for wine tasters and wine judges
Smoke taint remediation – R&D update

Technical Review August 2017 – Technical Notes
Trees and vines: can different types of local vegetation contribute to wine flavour?
Learning about ferments from big data

Technical Review June 2017 – Technical Notes
Understanding differences among wine yeast strains in their ability to release ‘tropical’ thiols
Innovation – a matter of perspective

Technical Review April 2017 – Technical Notes
Addressing knowledge gaps in smoke taint – the AWRI’s new collaborative Rural R&D for Profit project
Making water additions to high sugar must

Technical Review February 2017 – Technical Notes
Transforming Riverland food loss and industry wastes
Changes in metal concentrations in wines treated with different bentonites

Technical Review December 2016 – Technical Notes
Reusing grape marc for livestock feed

Technical Review October 2016 – Technical Notes
The effects of elevated storage temperature on wine composition
Aspects of wine labelling regulations – health-related claims, geographical indications and traditional expressions

Technical Review August 2016 – Technical Notes
Complexity, texture and flavour … or green, hard and herbal? Incorporation of stems and leaves in cool climate Shiraz fermentation
Measuring sugars in wine

Technical Review June 2016 – Technical Notes
Impacts of winemaking practices on tannin in red wines
‘Tropical’ thiols are important contributors to the flavour of Chardonnay wines

Technical Review April 2016 – Technical Notes
Drinking wine and the risk of type 2 diabetes
Wine acids, not just tartaric

Technical Review February 2016 – Technical Notes
Quantifying the advancement and compression of vintage
Genomics in the study of microbial diversity, regionality and terroir

Technical Review December 2015 – Technical Notes
Defining ‘green’ flavour in Cabernet Sauvignon wines
Sugar free extract – an old measure being used in new markets

Technical Review October 2015 – Technical Notes
Wines heat stabilised with Aspergillopepsin enzymes are now accepted by major export markets
MLF co-inoculation – how it might help with white wine

Technical Review August 2015 – Technical Notes
Understanding the adoption of innovations by Australian grapegrowers and winemakers
Assessment of relationships between grape chemical composition and grape allocation grade for Cabernet Sauvignon

Technical Review June 2015 – Technical Notes
Adverse reactions to wine – which compounds are responsible?
The influence of yeast strain on Shiraz wine composition and sensory properties

Technical Review April 2015 – Technical Notes
Glycosides contribute to in-mouth flavour release
Manganese levels in wine – an update

Technical Review February 2015 – Technical Notes
Mapping the origins of high rotundone and pepper flavour in Shiraz
Tracking technical trends

Technical Review December 2014 – Technical Notes
Introducing and measuring oxygen during active ferments
Understanding the composition of grape marc and its potential as a livestock feed supplement

Technical Review October 2014 – Technical Notes
Improving refrigeration efficiency and reducing electricity use
Enhancing red wine complexity using novel yeast blends