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AWRI clarifies that NuKorc press release not authorised by it

Recently NuKorc has published a press release under the heading “AWRI Trial – NuKorc Continues to Perform Well”. That press release is not an AWRI press release. The AWRI has nothing to do with that press release.

That press release attaches a copy of an update on an AWRI trial of the technical performance of various types of wine bottle closures which appeared in The Australian Wine Research Institute Technical Review No. 139 of August 2002. That update was authorised for publication by the AWRI, and correctly bears at the end the name of Peter Godden Winemaker – Manager Industry Services at AWRI.

However, the text on the first page of the NuKorc press release, which precedes the attached copy of the update, has not been written, authorised or approved by AWRI in any manner whatsoever. AWRI does not accept any responsibility for any statements made in it.

The words “Peter Godden Winemaker – Manager Industries Services” appear (without approval from AWRI or Peter Godden) at the bottom of the first page of the press release. Because of this, AWRI is concerned that readers might form the view that not only the attached update, but also the text on the first page of the press release, was produced or endorsed by Peter Godden and AWRI.

Accordingly, AWRI has considered it necessary to issue this press release to clarify that neither it, nor Peter Godden personally, had any involvement whatsoever with the production of the text on the first page of the NuKorc press release, and that the statements made therein must not be regarded as having been made by or authorised by AWRI or Peter Godden.

AWRI is an independent industry body, which does not provide endorsements for commercial products, and wishes to make it absolutely clear it has not done so in this case.