Managing frost in the vineyard webinar

Date(s) - 20 Nov 2013
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM


Your office.


Sonja Needs


Sonja works as a lecturer, subject coordinator and researcher for the University of Melbourne. Her research involves assessing ‘climate change related’ future frost risk for important cultivars across Australia’s wine growing regions. This incorporates the recovery responses of a range of wine grape cultivars to severe frost events and increasing the strategic ability to react to impending frost events by improving management of frost affected grapevines.


When it comes to frost, the best management is prevention. There are a number of frost preventative measures you can implement to increase the vineyard’s ability to withstand a frost. Knowing how to predict when and where a frost will occur and some simple preparations in your vineyard will help to reduce the damage imposed by a frost event.

This webinar will also provide management strategies to be used after a frost event.


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