Techniques for improving flavour in the vineyard and fermentation performance in the winery – Canberra

Date(s) - 15 Nov 2023
9:00 AM - 12:45 PM

RNCAS Council Room - Exhibition Park - Flemington Road, Mitchell
Exhibition Park, Flemington Road
Mitchell ACT

This workshop will present information on two simple and practical techniques that can boost wine flavour and improve fermentation performance. The workshop is aimed at both grapegrowers and winemakers.

  • The use of foliar sprays to boost tropical fruit flavour
    Applying simple vineyard sprays containing nitrogen and sulfur can boost tropical fruit flavour in a range of white varieties. The workshop includes a tasting and experiences from four growers who have trialled this foliar spray technique in 2023, including a local grower in your region or close to your region.
  • The benefits of applying aeration during fermentation
    Aeration of red ferments with air (or oxygen) is a simple intervention that changes mouthfeel, increases red fruit characters and reduces reductive aromas. This workshop is aimed both at winemakers who currently use aeration during fermentation and those who would like to try it next vintage.

After participating in this workshop, attendees will come away with a practical understanding of how to aerate a ferment, the benefits of doing so, and the equipment required. They will also take away knowledge on how and when to apply foliar sprays in the vineyard to boost wine flavour in white grapes, and what the outcomes from local trials may taste like.

The AWRI is also looking for growers and winemakers keen to trial these techniques in vintage 2024.

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This workshop is supported by Wine Australia, with levies from Australia’s grapegrowers and winemakers and matching funding from the Australian Government.

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