Webinar – Options and considerations for dealing with unharvested fruit in smoke-affected vineyards

Date(s) - 27 Feb 2020
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM


Online webinar event

Once the decision has been made not to harvest smoke-affected wine-grapes for wine production, what are the factors to consider before next season? Wine-grapes left on the vine can lead to increased disease pressure the following season, add extra costs to pruning and use valuable resources such as water. Can the costs of harvesting this fruit be offset by selling fruit for fodder or for distillation? Do the financial figures stack up and what are the biosecurity issues that need to be considered before moving this fruit from the vineyard to a livestock enterprise or distillery? This panel-style webinar features three speakers discussing key points to consider when managing a vineyard that will not be harvested for wine production.

Speakers: Suzanne McLoughlin – Vinehealth Australia, Nick Linden – Agriculture Victoria and Tony Hoare – The Australian Wine Research Institute

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