Webinar: Refrigeration Efficiency – introducing a new free tool to model refrigeration demand

Date(s) - 24 Jun 2014
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM


Your office


Richard Muhlack (AWRI)


It is well known that refrigeration accounts for a significant proportion of winery electricity use – as much as 50 to70% in some cases. What is less understood is that many winery refrigeration systems have significant inefficiencies which, in many cases, can be substantially improved for little cost. This webinar will outline key principles of refrigeration and heat transfer, with examples of practical and worthwhile opportunities to improve the efficiency of winery refrigeration performance in-the-field. Benchmarking of winery refrigeration and energy efficiency performance will be discussed, together with a new free calculation tool developed by the AWRI for modelling refrigeration demand across the entire production cycle.

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