How to obtain an associate or judging position at a wine show

Wine show calendars
A list of most Australian and international wine show events can be found in the calendars below. These calendars are usually updated early in each calendar year, and pre-vintage is good time to start applying for a judging or associate judging position in the southern hemisphere.

How to apply
Many wine shows have their own website and an online application form. Some regions have their own pre-screening selection process or tasting courses to select ideal candidates. If not, you can register your interest directly with the wine show committee or the regional association that is responsible for running the wine show. It’s important to ensure your resume is up to date and includes your tasting experience.

First time judging
Often wine shows require previous wine judging experience. National wine shows generally require many years of wine show judging experience. Thus, to start gaining experience, it is recommended to apply to smaller country regional or local wine shows. One option may be to get to know the chairs of these wine shows and directly register your interest with them about getting involved.

Most wine shows are run by local communities and regional association volunteers. Volunteering to help pour wines, wash glasses etc. in a wine show in your community will show your commitment to the show and the community and is also a valuable way to be considered for an associate judging position in future years.

AWAC dux and AWAC qualification
The AWRI’s Advanced Wine Assessment Course (AWAC) offers an associate judging placement at a capital city wine show to an AWAC participant that shows consistency in tasting scores and an excellent ability to communicate about wines. Prior attendance at AWAC is highly regarded by the Australian wine show system, with wine shows often asking for recommendations on suitable tasters.

Wine Show Judging – An insider’s view
This one-day course provides one-on-one mentoring, guidance and feedback on wine judging style from some of Australia’s top wine show chairs. Contact to register interest.

ASVO Wine Show Judge Register
The ASVO hosts a database to record wine judge and associate judge training and experience. This information is available for use by wine show judges to keep their experience up-to-date and by wine shows when sourcing and selecting suitable judges. Apply to create a new entry in the database here. You can record your judging activities or update your details in an existing profile here.