A guide to troublefree packaging

Whether you bottle your own wine, use a mobile bottler or a commercial packaging facility, or export wine in bulk, this workshop will provide you with the knowledge you require to confidently prepare, finish and package a wine, so that it reaches your customer as you intended.

This workshop will detail the necessary logistics to prepare wine for bottling. Appropriate stabilisation, clarification and fining methods will be discussed with reference to the avoidance of post bottling haze, deposit or sulfide development. The control of microbiological activity by use of preservatives and different filtration options available will be discussed relative to the wine composition and expected shelf life of the product.

Quality control during packaging will detail wine specifications, line sanitation requirements and appropriate oxygen control. Recommendations for storage and transport of wine will complete the picture. The workshop will be complemented by several tastings to highlight wines affected by packaging problems

This workshop is supported with the following web based material: