Stanthorpe Workshop – June 2014

Workshop program (Click here to access the presentations)

  • A changing environment (Joachim Ribbe)
  • Hotter and drier in the vineyard (Marcel Essling)
  • Hotter and drier – processing ripe fruit Geoff Cowey)
  • Bushfires and smoke taint tasting (Adrian Coulter)
  • Salinity, sodicity and salty wine (Geoff Cowey)
  • Growing grapes in wet seasons (Marcel Essling)
  • Winemaking in wet seasons (Adrian Coulter)
  • Q&A session and case studies (Marcel Essling)
  • Sustainability & efficiencies in the winery (Adrian Coulter)
  • New varieties for a changing climate tasting (Geoff Cowey)