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entwine-umbrella-450pxThe sustainable production of grapes and wine depends on the environment and the communities who support wine production from grapes to the glass. Entwine Australia is the Australian wine industry’s sustainability program – set up to support growers and winemakers in demonstrating and improving the sustainability of their businesses. Entwine Australia was developed by the Winemakers’ Federation of Australia (WFA), now Australian Grape & Wine (AGW), in consultation with industry and with support from the Australian Government.

Entwine is as an ‘umbrella’ sustainability program. Under the Entwine umbrella there are two components for members – the reporting of sustainability metrics to the AWRI and participation in an approved certification program. Entwine provides credentials which cover the fundamental components of sustainability (environmental, social and economic) and can be applied to both the vineyard and winery. The program provides benchmarking tools and resources to enable planning, evaluation, control and communication.

Members can choose which certification program best suits their business from:

Entwine is a voluntary program designed with flexibility to suit the changing goals and needs of all Australian grape and wine producers and provides information for wine industry research, development and extension activities and can be used by members for benchmarking.

Entwine Australia draws on the knowledge of an AWRI team with more than 90 years of combined wine industry experience. Dr Mardi Longbottom leads the program with support from viticulturist Marcel Essling and oenologists Matt Holdstock, Geoff Cowey and Adrian Coulter.

Entwine is also supported by a national wine industry reference group comprised of representatives from private and corporate vineyard and winery businesses, regional wine industry associations, AGW and Wine Australia.

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Viticulture and winemaking experts can be contacted at the AWRI helpdesk by email helpdesk@awri.com.au or telephone 08 8313 6600. The AWRI is your industry-owned organisation supporting Australian grape and wine producers with the development and adoption of innovative tools and practices.

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