Climate and weather tools

This page provides an extensive collection of resources on climate and weather events, including the impacts of climate change on the Australian grape and wine industry. Resources include a range of fact sheets, case studies, booklets, toolkits, and links to key weather and forecasting tools from the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM).

Weather and forecasting tools

  • Access weather information from the BOM on your smart phone
  • ACORN SAT – Australian Daily Temperature Data
  • AWAP – Australian Water Availability Project and Australian rainfall maps
  • BOM ENSO Tracker
    • Seasonal indication of El Nino or La Nina events
  • BOM Meteye
    • a 7-day forecast across Australia on a 3-6 km map grid. Forecasts are updated twice per day during the early morning and late afternoon. Multi-week to seasonal forecast tools (including temperature, rainfall or extreme temperatures) can now also be trialled through
  • BOM climate change trendmaps
  • BOM frost protection maps
    • Designed for agriculture, maps show forecast low temperature thresholds for various locations across Australia. The maps are updated each day and show forecasts for the next 48 hours
  • BOM heatwave forecast tool
    • Available during summer. A longer term forecast tool for imminent heatwave events
  • Climate atlas
    • Climate projections for Australia’s wine regions. Details information about how the climate may change in the near, mid and long-term time horizons (out to 2100)
  • Himawari-8 satellite
    • near real-time imagery allows you to zoom in to 0.5-2 km resolution, with new colour images uploaded every ten minutes. This allows you to see cyclones, storm events, fog, volcanic ash and perhaps bushfire plumes, potentially giving an indication if your vineyard has been exposed to smoke
  • NASA fire information for resource management system (FIRMS) – active fire event locations
  • Seasonal outlooks
    • The BOM releases three-monthly climate and water outlook videos on YouTube and social media
  • Sentinel bushfire hotspots live interactive map

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