Botryosphaeria canker and bunch rot

Botryosphaeria canker and bunch rot is caused by species of fungi within the family Botryosphaeriaceae. These fungi are commonly associated with diseases of woody plants and fruit rots. Species of Botryosphaeria are found in most grapegrowing regions of Australia. The fungi are known to infect a wide range of hosts including native Acacia, Eucalyptus trees and shrubs, and members of the protea family. Common names for the condition include Macrophoma bunch rot, Black dead arm, Botryosphaeria (‘Bot’) canker and dieback, Excoriose, Grapevine decline syndrome, Diplodia cane dieback and bunch rot. There are no known effective treatments for this disease in Australia; however, control strategies are currently under investigation. This page provides links to additional information on this fungal disease.