The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting people, communities and businesses across the world. During the pandemic, the AWRI is committed to continuing to provide its full range of services to support the Australian grape and wine community, while taking all possible steps to ensure the well-being of its staff and the broader community.  The AWRI can continue to be contacted during business hours on 08 8313 6600 and

The AWRI helpdesk has received a number of technical enquiries about the virus, mostly focusing on how to sanitise wineries in the event that a staff member becomes infected or suspected of being infected. An AWRI eBulletin was sent out on 27 March 2020 on this topic. An update to this bulletin, clarifying some of the safety issues to be aware of when using ethanol solutions was made on 1 April 2020. This page provides a collection of technical and scientific resources relevant to COVID-19 and the Australian wine industry.

Technical resources on COVID-19 for grapegrowers and winemakers


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