Support available on two recent viticultural issues – hail damage and restricted spring growth

Hail damage
Hailstorms have hit several grapegrowing regions in Victoria and NSW during November and December. Damage in the Murray Darling region has been estimated at up to $6 million, with approximately 20,000 tonnes of fruit lost. Losses in NSW have yet to be calculated.

While the damage caused by hail can be severe and devastating, there are important actions and decisions to be taken in the wake of a hail event. The AWRI helpdesk team has developed a new fact sheet to provide guidance on how to assess and manage vines that have been damaged by hail.

Restricted spring growth
A number of vineyards across south-eastern Australia have displayed symptoms of poor shoot growth and poor yield development during the spring period. Such symptoms are typically described as restricted spring growth (RSG). While RSG has a number of possible causes and a range of symptoms, monitoring and management of affected vines is extremely important. A new AWRI fact sheet provides more information on this condition with advice on both causes and management.

Growers affected by either of these issues can contact the AWRI helpdesk at viticulture@awri.com.au or 08 8313 6600 for confidential advice and assistance.