Agrochemical Updates, eBulletin

Agrochemical update: new captan restriction on use

13 AUGUST 2015

The European Union have notified of a change to the maximum residue level (MRL) and residue definition for captan. The MRL for captan has changed from 0.02 mg/kg (limit of quantification) to 0.03 mg/kg (limit of quantification), and the residue definition is now the sum of captan and THPI (expressed as captan). THPI (tetrahydrophthalimide) is the main metabolite when captan breaks down. The change is expected to enter into force in early January 2016. To comply with the new residue regulations, captan is not recommended for use on grapes destined for export wines.

The AWRI is supporting Wine Australia and Winemakers’ Federation Australia who are working through the Federal Department of Agriculture to resolve this trade issue.

Alternative chemical options for control of black spot, botrytis bunch rot, downy mildew and phomopsis cane and leaf spot are listed in the ‘Dog book’. The AWRI recommends growers consult with their winery and follow their winery guidelines for agrochemical sprays.

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