Technical Review August 2017 issue available

The August 2017 issue of Technical Review is now available online. Articles and abstracts can be viewed individually, or the full issue can be downloaded. The online format of Technical Review allows you to browse the list of the latest articles on grape and wine production by keyword, view article summaries and order journal articles from the AWRI Library.

For copyright reasons, access to abstracts is available only to Australian winemakers and grapegrowers who pay the Wine Grapes or Grape Research levies. The technical notes authored by the AWRI are, however, freely available. If you have forgotten your password for the AWRI website, please use the forgotten password link to reset your password.

Below is a snapshot of what's in this issue:

AWRI Technical Notes
AWRI publications
  • The dark side of wine microbiology
  • Ask the AWRI: why was there more powdery mildew than usual this season?
  • Ask the AWRI: adding water to high sugar must
  • Gentle or intense grape crushing?
  • Impact of bottle aging on smoke-tainted wines from different grape cultivars
  • Fellows of the ASVO
Current literature – oenology
  • Organic price premium or penalty? A comparative market analysis of organic wines from Tuscany
  • Understanding and working with pressings
  • Benefits of egg-shaped wine tanks: winery trial compares half-ton bins and plastic eggs
  • Replicating the barrel with new alternatives: suppliers expand range of shapes and sizes of alternatives and offer new extracts
  • Sulfite efficiency on Brettanomyces bruxellensis depends on the population present
  • Oxygen exposure of tannins-rich red wines during bottle aging. Influence on phenolics and color, astringency markers and sensory attributes
  • Wine screw cap closures: the next generation
  • Mineral character in wine: is the perception of minerality all in the mind?
  • The smell of terroir! Olfactory discrimination between wines of different grape variety and different terroir
Current literature – viticulture
  • The application of microorganisms in vineyards to enhance plant protection and soil function & microbiology
  • How wineries use vineyard technology
  • Production costs for alternative winegrowing farming systems
  • Cool climate wine production in China
  • Strategies to reduce the damage from frost in late spring
  • Reworking vineyards – why, when and how? Part 1
  • Effect of trimming date and cut height on vine physiological behaviour and wine quality made from Sauvignon Blanc – trials 2007-2011
  • Know your pest: a guide to grapevine threats
  • Is fungicide resistance affecting botrytis control in our vineyards?
  • Pinot Noir: cracking the clonal code
  • Investigations into the nutrient contents of pruning wood of grapes of the grape varieties ‘Pinot Noir’, ‘Blauburger’, ‘Blaufränkisch’, ‘Zweigelt’ (‘Rotburger’), ‘Grüner Veltliner’, ‘Riesling’ and ‘Roesler’
  • Slow and steady nitrogen management in the vineyard