AWRI Board Election

An election is now under way for the vacant positions on the AWRI Board of Directors in the small (<2,000 tonnes) and medium (2,001 – 50,000 tonnes) producer categories.

The following nominations were received:

Small Producer Category

  • John Harvey of Bathe Wines (SA)
  • Gary Baldwin of Handpicked Wines and Wine Network Consulting Pty Ltd (Vic)

Medium Producer Category

  • Kim Horton of Willow Bridge Estate (WA)
  • Wendy Cameron, Winemaking Consultant (Vic)

Producers in the small and medium categories are strongly encouraged to vote for their preferred candidate. This is an excellent opportunity to have a say in electing a candidate that can contribute to the Australian grape and wine research and development agenda.

The election is being conducted electronically with assistance from Elections Australia Pty Ltd. Voting instructions were sent to all levy payers in the small and medium producer categories in the week commencing 21 August 2017. Voting will close at 5 pm, Friday 8 September 2017. Candidate profiles are available from the AWRI website. If you have not received voting instructions and believe you are eligible to vote, please contact the AWRI.

For large producers, a single nomination was received, so an election in the large category is not required. The AWRI is therefore pleased to announce that Mr Iain Jones of Treasury Wine Estates has been elected to the AWRI Board.

For further information please contact Shiralee Dodd 08 8313 6610 or Shiralee.Dodd@awri.com.au.