AWRI Technical Survey

Project summary

The Australian wine industry has good data on the quantities of grapes and wine produced, but not on the prevalence of the different techniques used in grapegrowing and winemaking. Examples include trellis types, pruning methods, yeast types and juice clarification methods. The AWRI Vineyard and Winery Practices Survey aims to address the lack of data on these and many other practices. The results will allow producers to compare their practices with regional and national averages and will assist organisations like the AWRI in tailoring research and extension activities for different regions.

Latest information

Survey development
During the year, consultations were held with industry bodies, regional associations, and technical committees about the questions to be included in the survey and the best approaches for distributing it. The survey will be distributed in August/September 2016 and it is intended that it will be repeated every five years to track changes in practices and adoption of new technologies/techniques. A final report detailing the results from the 2016 survey will be distributed to stakeholders in 2017.

Project Team

Simon Nordestgaard
Eric Wilkes
Tadro Abbott
Geoff Cowey
Marcel Essling
Maria Calabrese