AWRI ferment simulator demonstration – Coonawarra

Date(s) - 4 Jun 2014
9:30 AM - 12:00 PM

The Stables at Katnook Estate
Riddoch Highway
Coonawarra SA

Region: Coonawarra

Venue:  The Stables at Katnook Estate

The AWRI Ferment Simulator is a new free spreadsheet-based tool that allows winemakers to monitor and predict the performance of their ferments. Extensively trialled over the past three vintages, the Simulator is now available to Australian levy payers via the AWRI website.

The Simulator provides winemakers with the ability to track fermentation rate, assess refrigeration and electricity demand and predict problem ferment behaviour so that early corrective action can be taken exactly when it’s needed. Multiple ferments can be monitored via a ‘traffic light’ display, and if a ferment is heading off track a visual warning is given. The impact of ferment management strategies can also be modelled in advance to assess their impact. Temperature adjustments, tank agitation or additions of nutrients can all be considered within the Simulator’s ‘What if?’ analysis tool. Finally, the Simulator also allows for the tracking of winery refrigeration load and energy costs.

The Simulator, which was developed by Dr Richard Muhlack at the AWRI’s Riverina Node, is simple and intuitive to use. The AWRI’s Group Manager of Industry Applications Peter Godden says that as a winemaker, the Simulator is one of the most valuable and relevant pieces of technology developed during his 17 years at the organisation, and would recommend it to all wine producers no matter the size of their crush.

This workshop, which is free and will run for approximately 2 ½ hours, is designed to introduce potential users to the Simulator and its features, with demonstrations on how to access it, entering fermentation data to obtain ferment and refrigeration demand predictions and finally running ‘what-if’ simulations. The target audience is winemakers and lab and QC personnel.

Further information about the simulator can be accessed at the following links:

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